• Wednesday afternoon round-up - the Israel edition
    I have so many stories on Israel lined up that I'm dedicating this entire open thread to Israel issues. Here goes: (Read more.)
  • Sol Giggleweed tries to weigh in on Jon Stewart's pro-Israel bona fides - and fails spectacularly
    Two weeks ago, I introduced you to Sol Giggleweed, a representative of DemProg passion in politics and society. I chanced to meet up with Sol today - or, more accurately, with a real human being whose views march in lockstep with Sol's, but who doesn't wish to have his name made public. He'll therefore be Sol Giggleweed in perpetuity at this b […]
  • Photography by Mark Lobo
    Mark Lobo is a photographer in Melbourne Australia, working in commercial, editorial and portrait photography. Often bringing his studio out on location, he combines technical precision and natural expression to form his well recognised, clean and colourful style.
  • Queering the Cake
    Cakes and Gay Marriages are back in the news, this time in Northern Ireland. A baker is facing legal action for refusing to bake a cake showing Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street that explicitly states "support gay marriage."
  • Tuesday mid-day round-up and Open Thread
    I'm having an existential anxiety day, which has seen me reading compulsively, but scared to write. In my little lizard brain, as long as I just read the news, it's distant and abstract. It's the act of processing and disseminating the information that makes it seem all too real, and therefore all too worrisome and depressing. On the other han […]
  • Daniel Hannan goes to the heart of things, praising the rule of law
    As I said, today I got to hear Daniel Hannan speak as part of promoting his new book, Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World. I have my autographed copy in hand, and am look forward reading it. To the extent Hannan's talk was a preview of his book, I know I'm going to like it, and then drive everyone crazy by quot […]
  • Hippies Achieve Communal Marijuana Utopia by Government Decree
    Now, in the glorious People's Republic of Berkeley, the great unwashed masses shall by law receive free marijuana of the chronic variety! Free! Absolutely free! That'll stick it to the "man"!
  • Biological Reality is NOT Child Abuse
    Slate recently published an article warning parents of a most insidious "treatment" that is forced on babies without the babies' parents' consent. What is this "treatment"?
  • Open thread - the illustrated edition
    Not to make you feel less fortunate than I am or anything, but I won't be blogging for a few hours today because I'm going to hear Daniel Hannan speak!! Even better, I'll be going with Charles Martel. Yay! While I'm gone, please consider this an Open Thread. I can suggest a few topics, and I've got lots of posters to spur you on rega […]
  • The DemProg's love of government
    One of the reasons I didn't write anything yesterday was that we went into the City to have lunch with friends. The food was wonderful, which I knew would be the case, since Yank Sing is my favorite restaurant. The conversation was frustrating. (Read more.)
  • Protip to Anti-Gun Democrats: Don't Wage a #WarOnWomen who are Heavily Armed
    Remember the narrative on how conservatives and the GOP are waging a "War on Women"? Clearly the only way to combat this is to… offer a $100,000 reward for naked pictures of a teenage girl??? Really???
  • Saturday night round-up (the moron edition) and Open Thread
    I did something today that I very seldom do: I went clothes shopping for myself. I spend an inordinate amount of time shopping for everyone else in the family, but between shopping fatigue, denial about my post-baby figure (although I'll concede I was too thin pre-babies), and the ridiculous amount of money clothes cost nowadays even on sale, there