• Did the State Department leak a phone call in which Obama insists that Israel unilaterally stop its surge into Gaza?
    The Times of Israel has published what is alleged to be a transcript of a leaked telephone call between Obama and Netanyahu. Both Netanyahu and Obama are denying its truth, but I wonder. The substance is entirely consistent with Obama's and Kerry's public pronouncements, although much ruder, hectoring, hostile, and autocratic in tone. My suspicion […]
  • Tuesday morning round-up and Open Thread - the Israel/Hamas War edition
    I'll be spending this afternoon happily enjoying the company of relatives visiting from out of town. When I was younger, I didn't appreciate these relatives that much. Now that I'm older, I'm know how important it is to keep up contact with people who knew you way back when. There are shared memories and beliefs that are irreplaceable and […]
  • Did Barack Obama just praise slavery? (Probably not, but….)
    President Obama and Michelle Obama released a joint statement to commemorate Eid-al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. The statement contains a very interesting turn of phrase (emphasis mine): (Read more.)
  • Verizon's War on Boys
    With girls having achieved near parity with boys in most scientific college degrees, science fairs, &c., Verizon asks the important question: Are we ignoring boys enough while teaching girls that they can't be both feminine and do well in the hard sciences?
  • Monday evening round-up and Open Thread
    If you read only one thing today (and tomorrow too), I think you should read Sam Harris's "Why Don't I Criticize Israel?" In it, Harris, who is renowned for his very well-articulated atheism, explains that one doesn't have to believe in Israel's religious right to the land in order to support her in the current war with Hamas. ( […]
  • Racially segregated insurance folders from the early 1960s
    My Dad tried and failed to make a living as an insurance salesman back in the early and mid-1960s. When he left the business, he took with him a bad taste in his mouth and dozens of "Portfolios for an up-to-date Twentieth Century Security Program." (Read more.)
  • Monday morning round-up and Open Thread
    I'm going to have a lot of stuff about the Israel/Hamas showdown (of course) but, for those of you who are interested in other stuff, don't despair. I'll have other stuff too. (Read more.)
  • Please say Shema for Israel at 7 P.M. Israel Time
    There is a project afoot for Jews all over the world to say the Shema for Israel at 7:00 p.m. Israel Time. (That would be Noon on the East Coast and 9 a.m. here in California.) The idea is that this most powerful prayer, if said by Jews all over world at the same time, will have an effect: (See prayer below)
  • When Following the Letter of the Law is "Judicial Activism"
    A political science professor, of course, declared in The Guardian, of course, that the D.C. court, who ruled the Obamacare subsidies for those on the Federal exchange were illegal, were engaging in "judicial activism" because they followed the letter of the law. In contrast, political science professor Scott Lemieux praises the 4th Circuit Court f […]
  • Sunday night round-up and Open Thread
    Just a few things to round out the weekend. (Read more.)
  • Can the Traditional Conservative Narrative Triumph?
    Is our social "narrative" still a traditional conservative one?
  • For John Kerry, when it comes to an American ally and a deadly enemy, it's 1971 all over again
    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. These timeless words apply with unusual accuracy to John Kerry and the role he's chosen to assume in the current war between Israel and Hamas. David Horovitz describes Kerry's despicable conduct in his self-appointed role as peace negotiator between Israel, a recognized nation among nations, and Hama […]