• The Bookworm Beat - 9/2/2014 Quick, Down, & Dirty edition
    I've got about 30 tabs open. They're memory hogs, so I want to share their contents with you as quickly as possible so that I can shut them down and look for more stuff. Hold onto your hats, 'cause this is going to be quick: (Read more.)
  • The Bookworm Beat - 9/2/2014 Truly Epic Illustrated Edition
    I'm in a very visual state of mind today, so I thought I'd dedicate a post to the superb cartoons and posters people send my way. Special thanks go to Caped Crusader, Sadie, Earl, and W "B" S for helping me compile this truly epic illustrated edition. (See more.)
  • Modern Art - rebelling against aesthetics, taste, God, America, and basic drafting standards
    My graphic artistic skill doesn't extend much beyond stick figures and daisies, and my rather limited visual sense means that my home was designed more with an eye to utility than aesthetics. Despite my personal limitations, I'm actually very fond of, and quite knowledgeable about, art. (Read more.)
  • Obama: Empty chair or "true clinical, pathological narcissist" - or both?
    Practically from Day 1 of Obama's presidency, I've been calling him a pathological, or clinical, or malignant narcissist. There's no there there, I said. This is an empty man whose only goal is self-aggrandizement to fill the black hole that exists where a healthy person would have a functioning ego. (Read more.)
  • Electric cars, government incentives, and pollution (and an Open Thread, if you want one)
    Aside from domestic responsibilities and computer problems, the main reason for my slowed blogging has to do with cars. Electric cars, to be specific. (Read more.)
  • Thought Crime: The Reality is Now
    A Family Farm is being punished for expressing thought crimes, with the punishment meant to "deter" people from expressing incorrect thoughts.
  • The Bookworm Beat - 08/28/14 comprehensive round-up (and Open Thread)
    Despite my rather chronic worries about the state of our nation and the state of our world, I seldom have nightmares. Last night, though, I had a doozy. It was short, vivid, and had me waking dripping with sweat. I dreamed that my son and I got off a bus in San Francisco only to find ourselves surrounded by Muslim teenagers who proceeded to beat my son to de […]
  • Ron Nehring, a Republican for Lieutenant Governor of California
    Back in May, I had my first chance to hear Ron Nehring, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California. I was impressed then, and having heard him speak again last night, I am, if anything, more impressed. (Read more.)
  • Marlboro Boys by Michelle Siu
    Michelle Siu is a talented freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He shoot Indonesia's relationship with tobacco.
  • Quick Takes – Gender Redefined, Sex-Ed Redefined, & Weddings Redefined
    The focus this time: Redefining Sexuality so that everything is spiffy… except for sex in the missionary position with an opposite-sex spouse for purposes of pro-creation.
  • The Queering of Oppression
    Yet another example has arisen of a business being persecuted for declining to serve a gay customer. Unlike previously noted examples, the refusal was not based on declining to use the owners personal creative abilities to promote and endorse something with which they morally disagreed, but to outright refuse to serve someone because they cross-dressed. Who […]
  • The Bookworm Beat - 8/26/14 mid-day edition (and Open Thread)
    Years ago, during the Bush administration, James Taranto read a despairing AP article in which the Progressive author opined that "everything is seemingly spinning out of control." Taranto loved that phrase and used it to preface any link to crazy things, or things that made Progressive's crazy. That phrase keeps wandering into my mind in this […]