• Brainwashing and Sexual Orientation
    Now, however, with Gay "rights" having been established, the very basis for establishing those rights is being denied by… gays and lesbians. Much like Kohn wishing that her child grows up gay, the entire "born that way" argument is being tossed aside and replaced with a desire that a child "becomes" gay. Another example.
  • Lee-Rubio Tax Reform Proposal
    Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) have proposed an overhaul of the tax code.
  • Is Obama a Dictator?
    Is Obama a dictator? He has circumvented both the Congress and the Constitution in appropriating funds and trampling on the Bill of Rights.
  • Diplomacy with a Regime that has Declared their Intent to Destroy You, Isn't
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to a joint session of Congress to give fair warning of the intent of Iranian leaders. Unsurprisingly, all the usual suspects threw a hissy-fit. Why did they have a hissy-fit? Because doubting that diplomatic solutions with a regime that had openly declared their intent to commit genocide somehow totes bad!
  • #BibiSpeech #NetanyahuSpeech - Open Thread
    Have you listened to Netanyahu's speech yet? It was a masterful speech (and I wish American conservatives would listen and learn from it). In clear, elegant, often clever English, Bibi explained precisely why Obama's proposed deal with Iran is an awful deal, one that paves the way for Iran to have a nuclear weapon system on the sly in the near futu […]
  • Coming Out Is A One Way Street
    Now-a-days, a person who "comes out of the closet" as homosexual is lauded as a brave individual! In contrast someone who has come to the conclusion that they aren't really Gay is condemned as a monster. Even the Federal courts have rules that that is totes OK!