• Nevada Early Vote Update 2014 (Day 11 of 14)
    After over 3/4 of early voting completed, The Republican wave continues to grow into a tsunami: Statewide, Republicans increased their voter lead to 16,451 out of 181,673 early voters, 3242 out of 28,668 absentee ballots returned, for a total of 19,683 out of 210,3431 votes cast so far. About 18% of registered voters have voted so far. The voter lead of 9% i […]
  • With Ebola, three strands in American culture - entitlement, accommodation, and Prius syndrome - all come together
    The Ebola story has temporarily drifted away from Obama's bull-headed refusal to close the American border to flights origination in West Africa and, instead, focused on a doctor and a nurse. The doctor is Craig Spencer, who came back from volunteer work in West Africa and carried the Ebola virus all over New York. The nurse is Kaci Hickox, who has been […]
  • Doctor Coburn's Final Wastebook
    With Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) resigning at the end of the year, his newly released 2014 Wastebook will be the final one from his Senatorial office.
  • 4 signs you're not ready for flu season
    Yes, I just had my flu shot this week. I'm primed to make it through the season of probable sickness without being sidelined to the couch with a box of Kleenex and easy access to the bathroom.
  • Mobile Banking Software Services from jmrinfotech
    Mobile banking software is the performing of finance related functions on a mobile device like a Smartphone or tablet. It utilizes the mobile connectivity of telecom operators and therefore does not require an internet connection.
  • Nevada Early Vote Update (Day 10 of 14)
    With over 2/3 of the early voting days over, the unprecidented Republican was continues to grow. After the tenth day of early voting, Republicans increased their lead 14,186 out of 159,482 early voters, 2980 out of 26,908 returned absentee ballots, for a total of 17,166 out of 186,390 votes cast. The voter lead of 9% is 14% above their statewide registration […]