• Electric cars, government incentives, and pollution (and an Open Thread, if you want one)
    Aside from domestic responsibilities and computer problems, the main reason for my slowed blogging has to do with cars. Electric cars, to be specific. (Read more.)
  • Thought Crime: The Reality is Now
    A Family Farm is being punished for expressing thought crimes, with the punishment meant to "deter" people from expressing incorrect thoughts.
  • The Bookworm Beat - 08/28/14 comprehensive round-up (and Open Thread)
    Despite my rather chronic worries about the state of our nation and the state of our world, I seldom have nightmares. Last night, though, I had a doozy. It was short, vivid, and had me waking dripping with sweat. I dreamed that my son and I got off a bus in San Francisco only to find ourselves surrounded by Muslim teenagers who proceeded to beat my son to de […]
  • Ron Nehring, a Republican for Lieutenant Governor of California
    Back in May, I had my first chance to hear Ron Nehring, the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California. I was impressed then, and having heard him speak again last night, I am, if anything, more impressed. (Read more.)
  • Marlboro Boys by Michelle Siu
    Michelle Siu is a talented freelance photojournalist and documentary photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He shoot Indonesia's relationship with tobacco.
  • Quick Takes – Gender Redefined, Sex-Ed Redefined, & Weddings Redefined
    The focus this time: Redefining Sexuality so that everything is spiffy… except for sex in the missionary position with an opposite-sex spouse for purposes of pro-creation.
  • The Queering of Oppression
    Yet another example has arisen of a business being persecuted for declining to serve a gay customer. Unlike previously noted examples, the refusal was not based on declining to use the owners personal creative abilities to promote and endorse something with which they morally disagreed, but to outright refuse to serve someone because they cross-dressed. Who […]
  • The Bookworm Beat - 8/26/14 mid-day edition (and Open Thread)
    Years ago, during the Bush administration, James Taranto read a despairing AP article in which the Progressive author opined that "everything is seemingly spinning out of control." Taranto loved that phrase and used it to preface any link to crazy things, or things that made Progressive's crazy. That phrase keeps wandering into my mind in this […]
  • British Cabinet Loses Token Muslim Over Insufficient Israel Bashing
    Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, who served in the British cabinet at Minister for Faith and Communities, resigned over the British government's stance on Israel.
  • The Bookworm Beat - Another fabulous picture round-up from Caped Crusader (and Open Thread)
    I honestly have no idea how Caped Crusader does this. Every day, he showers me with incredible images that I then get to pass on to you. Woot!! This first one is my absolute favorite for the day, and maybe even for the week. I've been saying since the 1990s, when I first became aware of political correctness, that it filled that vacuum that manners once […]
  • Mass confusion!
    Danny, here! Have you noticed how we, as a nation, increasingly talk past each other? So, hang with me here while I make my case for why. We are trying to accommodate two fundamentally incompatible and opposite moral codes: a Judeo-Christian code and a Marxist-Progressive code. We on the Judeo-Christian side of the equation make the mistaken assumption, when […]
  • The Bookworm Beat - August 25, 2014, look at last week (and Open Thread)
    I've had several articles saved on my browser since last week. All are still pertinent, and I've promised myself not to look at any new articles until I've shared these older ones first. (Read more.)