• Democrat Nevada Assembly Candidate Declared Ineligible. Will Probably Be Seated Anyway
    In 2012, a Democrat, Andrew Martin, who ran for the Assembly was ruled ineligible due to not living inside the district. Due to the judge's ruling occurring after early voting had begun, he remained on the ballot and won. The Assembly, controlled by Democrats, decided to seat him despite his not having been legally elected. He is now running for state C […]
  • The Bookworm Beat (10/22/14) - the end of email illustrated edition (and Open Thread)
    I did it! I went through all umpteen hundred emails in all my accounts and I feel positively purified. I also have twenty-seven tabs open, all of them with content that's just begging to go into a round-up. This is not that round-up. Instead, while I work on that round-up, I have wonderful pictures from Caped Crusader, Sadie, and Raymond Jelli. Aren […]
  • Nevada Early Vote Update 2014 (4th Day of 14)
    After four days of early voting, the Republicans have a statewide raw voter lead of 7763 out of 79,650 cast, including absentee ballots returned. 7% of registered voters have already voted.The voter lead of 10% for Republicans after the fourth day of early voting shows an increasing lead of 15% above their statewide registration deficit of 5%. The Republican […]
  • [VIDEO] Hamas indoctrination on American college campuses
    Scratch a typical, Left-indoctrinated American college student and find a perfect petri dish for a genocidal organization: [View video.]
  • Whither the Kurds?
    The Islamic State (AKA "ISIL" or "ISIS"), have well established that they are monsters who have no qualms about slaughtering innocents left and right. Much as the Islamic State have become the modern day Khmer Rouge, Barack Obama has been the modern day version of Jimmy Carter, in that neither one seems to care about the slaughter much. […]
  • Late in the Day: The Most Equal Comrade is the weirdest totalitarian socialist ever