• Cliven Bundy's racist, or stupidly racially-tinged, rhetoric is irrelevant to the core issue of government overreach
    The best thing that happened to the Left in the last few days was the fact that Cliven Bundy couldn't keep race out of the conversation. It really doesn't matter whether he was making a valid point about slavery by any other name or if he was making as invalid a point about race as the MSNBC crowd does on a daily basis. What matters is that his sta […]
  • Latest military officer under investigation: Are we looking at necessary housecleaning or a purge?
    Conservatives have noticed that the Pentagon is firing officers left and right, with many leaving under an embarrassing cloud. The question they ask - and I don't know that anyone has an answer - is whether these firings are the legitimate and appropriate housecleaning that a sclerotic bureaucracy needs or whether they're a purge, with Obama's […]
  • Sonia Sotomayor's absolutely revolting racism
    Yesterday, Sonia Sotomayor announced that she is absolutely horrified that the 14th Amendment can be used to prevent state government from engaging in race-based discrimination. Some may be a little confused by her argument, given that the 14th Amendment explicitly states that " No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges o […]
  • Quick Takes – Whiteness as a Disease, Logic & Reason is Racist, and How Vote Fraud is the New Social Justice
    The focus this time: Logic + Being White + The Integrity of the Vote = Raaaaaaacism!!1!
  • I cannot read Marxists - or, why I do not mourn Gabriel García Márquez's passing
    I was so naive when I went to Cal. I didn't realize that, in my history and English classes, the material we read was either created in the first instance by Marxists or, if it predated Marxists, was first run through a Marxist analytical filter either before or immediately after we read it. All I knew was that I thought the material was nonsensical and […]
  • Others have noticed that teachers think of themselves as one step removed from coal mine workers
    I've commented before about the way in which America's teachers paint themselves as the hardest working, most pathetically abused people in America. In 2011, I noted that today's teachers work fewer hours and are paid more than my dad's generation of teachers, but the latter didn't whine all the time. Last year, I posited a reason fo […]
  • Any computer game designers out there? We've got some core values to sell
    I had the pleasure today of having lunch with Dennis Koller and his quite lovely wife. One of the things we spent a lot of time talking about was messaging. How, we asked each other, can conservatives sell themselves in the next 2.5 years? We concluded that today's generation lacks intellectual curiosity and any analytic skills. For the past 40 years, t […]
  • Reagan 180: Peace Through Strength
    Some new and wonderful here at the Bookworm Room: Ronald Reagan's timeless principles applied to today's reality, with commentary from the Canardvark: The proven principle of peace through strength has no clock of eligibility. Nor is it a theory. It is, as stated, a proven principle that knows no decade nor continent as its home. Peace is derived t […]
  • The Queering of Reality
    The vast majority of males are men who like women; the vast majority of females are women who like men. That's reality. For some, however, reality is unjust and must be "corrected" in the name of "social justice" in order to impose and equivalence contrary to reality.
  • Sailing Tours in Greece
    The Principal Island Groups of Greece Even though various clusters of islands can be seen in Greece, only a few of them are somewhat bigger ones. However, one of the main attractions is that all these island groups lie very close to each other, and hence, traveling from one place to another one is quite easy. ●Saronic Group: The group consists of 13 marvel […]
  • Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander: A petition to denounce and condemn billionaire Tom Steyer
    I don't usually play the part of provocateur, but there are occasions when I make an exception. Two entirely separate events came together in my mind and demanded a little satirical activism. The first event was the fact that former Labor Secretary Robert Reich used MoveOn.org, which has a vast reach among Progressive activists, to publicly "denoun […]
  • Does Progressive atheism drive the hostility to guns and self-defense?
    Mike McDaniel is one of the best and most knowledgeable thinkers and writers when it comes to guns and the Second Amendment. That's why it's worth sitting up and taking notice when he revisits one of his own posts to discuss reader objections. I'll run you through what Mike has to say and then tell you why I agree with him. This is a long post […]