• The Bravest Woman in Afghanistan
    While Feminists in the West consider screeching on Tumblr against "microaggressions," women elsewhere in the world have to stand up against real repression against women. Ranting on Tumblr is not brave. Brave is walking about with your head uncovered… in Kabul.
  • Controversial Illustrations Reflect Everything That's Wrong With Society
  • Modern Day Oppression: Not Feeding Children Diamonds
    "Dragon-kin" are just one of the many versions of "Other-kin," where special little snowflakes and the mentally ill believe that they are fictional characters or animals. "Dragon-kin," however, have extra-special needs, specifically the "need" to eat diamonds
  • Happy Bill of Rights Day!
    Today is the 223rd anniversary of the first ten amendments to the Constitution coming into effect. The original Bill of Rights contained a preamble stating that the clauses were "declaratory and restrictive" – i.e. they restricted the Federal Government and simply declared already existing rights and liberties. This is in stark contrast with almo […]
  • Daily Gender Surprise
    In reality, gender is another word for biological sex. It could also be described as the physical and actual physiological differences between the sexes. For some, however, gender is just what mood they are in when they wake up.
  • Senators Cruz and Lee Stand Up Against the CRomnibus
    The $1.1 Trillion "CRomnibus" sailed through Congress, but not without vocal opposition. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) aptly pointed out the abomination of "CRomnibus" for what is is.