• Wife beater patriotism
    When I moved to Marin County almost two decades ago, one of the things that charmed me was its small town approach to the 4th of July. Each community had (and still has) a 4th of July parade showcasing local organizations, there's a big county fair with fireworks, and people festoon their houses with flags. In this, the 7th year of the reign of Barack O […]
  • When in the Course of Human Events…
    Action of Second Continental Congress, July 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America
  • Tech jobs from remote-friendly companies
  • Google, The Battle Flag, and the Schutzstaffel
    Google has an option to search under "shopping" and find items for sale by various stores listed by Google. Google has doubled down on being Orwellian and sent the Confederate battle flag down the memory hole.
  • The Fundamental Transformation of America
    Relying on common law and tradition limited the power of those in the present. It shackles politicians and judges alike in order to limit them and protect us. Those rights will be replaced with the made up rights found in civil law European nationals, particularly when it comes to "balancing rights". Any right that can be balanced can be balanced a […]
  • Wrestling male-female relationships back from joyless, misanthropic, neo-puritanical feminism
    As I've noted before, we cannot afford to back down an inch in the culture wars lest the fanatics take over, brutally squashing all dissent - and as is always the case with fanatics, all the joy in life. One of the most ferocious battles in this war involves relationships between men and women (or, maybe more accurately, boys and girls) at the universit […]