• American Exceptionalism and Progressive Racism
    The norm throughout history has been that different peoples are different, and that one people would either replace another peoples culture, or even replace them outright genetically. That is the default, and a default which is still the norm in this day and age throughout most of the world. The great exception to this is the exceptionalism the embodies Amer […]
  • Prebiotics vs Probiotics – Is One Better Than the Other?
    You've probably heard something about "probiotics" in the news or at the grocery store. Probiotics are "friendly" bacteria. They help your digestive system work efficiently - both to digest and absorb nutrients and to remove toxins. Probiotic supplements can literally contain billions of friendly bacteria in a single dose. Two of the […]
  • Factors making Lyme Disease Diagnosis difficult
    As Lyme disease cases rise, diagnosis hasn't become smoother. Learn about the two important factors make it difficult to diagnose Lyme disease and treat.
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    Hearing loss can greatly affect your brain health. Here are some tips to prevent hearing loss so you can hold on to your memories.
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  • Stevia Side Effects: Are They Good or Bad?
    Stevia is an FDA-approved sweetener derived from the Stevia rebaudiana plant in South America. It's a popular sweetener because, unlike many of the traditional sweeteners on the market, it doesn't raise blood sugar levels and it doesn't contain any calories.