• Why Economic Inequality is Not Unjust
    A commenter over at the Ace of Spade HQ, Serena, posted a response she received to the question "How does being a billionaire 'harm society'?"
  • The Bookworm Beat (11/22/14) - Sad Saturday edition (and Open Thread)
    Why is it a sad Saturday? Because I read an analysis of 2016 electoral prospects arguing that, while Republicans can definitely win Congress and state houses, the combination of huge Democrat-voting urban areas and the electoral college makes it impossible for Republicans to take the White House. I think that's true. Unless voters in urban areas turn on […]
  • [VIDEO] "Animal House" seemed to have something to say in the wake of Obama's amnesty "legislation"
    We watched Animal House last night. Are there any among you who haven't seen it? It's as anarchically funny as ever, although parts didn't wear well, both because of my years (I'm not a college student anymore and my humor's matured a little bit) and because of the years I've spent marinating in political correctness. Still, I l […]
  • Obama in the Rain
    The day after Obama's second mid-term election, Obama completely dismissed the obvious rebuke the American people gave him. In effect, not one "f**k" was given by him.
  • The Bookworm Beat (11/21/14) - The imperial presidency edition (plus illustrations and Open Thread)
    I keep meaning to write something profound about what happened to our country yesterday, only to discover that other, much better writers and thinkers already got there before I did. I'll just summarize by saying that Obama behaved illegally, unconstitutionally, and undemocratically. Having said that, of course, the really important question becomes: Wh […]
  • Who Treats Women Like Sex Objects?
    A minor league Canadian hockey team has come under fire for a bit of tasteful cheesecake.