• Israel's friends need to keep a very close eye on Obama in the coming days
    It's already old news that Obama halted what was supposed to be an automatic shipment of rockets to Israel to re-equip the Iron Dome system that protected her citizens so well from the thousands of rockets Hamas aimed at Israel from schools, hospitals, playgrounds, and homes in Gaza. One shipment thankfully won't make or break Israel's defense […]
  • The Law Doesn't Apply to Nevada Democrats, Again
    In 2012, the Democrats ran a candidate for Assembly who didn't live in the district, according to a judge's ruling. That is illegal. Despite this, Assemblyführerin Kirkpatrick decided to ignore that and seat that illegally elected candidate regardless. Now, it looks like they may very well be willing to do so again. Assembly candidate Meghan Smith […]
  • Tourist Places by Roger Minick
    Born in Ramona, Oklahoma, in 1944, Roger Minick grew up in the Ozarks of Arkansas, moved to Southern California in 1956, and entered the University of California, Berkeley, in 1964, where he graduated in 1969. While at UC Berkeley , Minick began working in photography at the ASUC Studio, a student arts facility, and in 1966 he began a black and white photogr […]
  • The Bookworm Beat - Waiting for Normal Edition (and Open Thread)
    The kids return to school on Wednesday and I have the hope - faint, admittedly, but still the hope - that my life will return to normal then. I'm not complaining about life during the summer. I've enjoyed sleeping in every day, I've enjoyed the freedom from schedules, and I've enjoyed the vitality that comes with having the neighborhood t […]
  • The Democrats' America : Rule by Judges
    In 2009, I wrote a post entitled "Does Brown v. Board of Education constitute the Supreme Court's one free pass?" in it, I argued that Brown represented the Supreme Court coming up with a rather badly reasoned (albeit moral) legal opinion to leapfrog over the fact that the South was not moving with sufficient speed to end segregation.
  • I Can Haz Diversity?
    Out: Geography. In: Validating students through "diversity" and "inclusion".
  • Photography by Charlotte Ortholary
    Charlotte Ortholary is a talented photographer based in Paris, France, who shoot a lot of fashion, fine art and portrait photography.
  • The Bookworm Beat - August 16 Saturday Night Special
    Yesterday, the phone or the doorbell rang every 10-20 minutes all afternoon and evening. We had a rotating cast of characters for dinner, one of my dogs hid for the day, and the other dog barked itself into laryngitis. I have no complaints, as I like a social house, but there's a lot to be said for just a little less sociability.
  • Vintage Photography by Linda McСartney
    Linda Louise, Lady McCartney was an American musician, photographer and animal rights activist, and was married to Paul McCartney, a founding member of the Beatles.
  • Lawfare, Texas Style
    Governor Rick Perry has been indicted by a rubber stamp grand jury (apparently there were no ham sandwiches around) for abuse of official capacity and coercion of a public servant. Just what was this dastardly deed? Exercising his constitutional right to veto legislation.
  • The Bookworm Beat - August 15 Friday wrap-up (and, of course, Open Thread)
    One of the things I've noticed about modern medicine is that, once doctors start poking around inside the human body, they find all sorts of things that aren't picture perfect. I remember a long ago hearing an NPR story about a small town with a scary increase in the number of children with benign brain tumors. After an exhaustive search into power […]
  • Fine Art Photography by Romina Ressia
    Romina Ressia is a talented photographer, who was born in 1981 in Argentina, in a small town near to Buenos Aires. Her passion about art started at young age but it was not until her late 28, after graduating in Economics, that she decided to dedicate her life to Photography.