• Best Quality Natural Stones In Toronto
    FSI Landscape Supply offers customers the best quality landscaping stones in Toronto including: - Skidded Armour Stone - Highland Random Slab - Skidded Brown Elephant - Skidded White Elephant - Georgrian Weathered Waterfall - Wiarton Waterfall - Large Granite Boulders - Random Flagstone Visit our web site: http://www.fsilandscapesupply.com/en/home/ or come o […]
  • The Bookworm Beat 5-24-15 - the illustrated edition and Open Thread
    Memorial Day isn't until tomorrow, but a few of these posts definitely have a Memorial Day feel about them - and I'm not talking about posting pictures of Obama eating ice cream. Thanks to Caped Crusader for all his help. The ones you think are less funny or meaningful are probably the ones I found on my own: (View images.)
  • Beautiful Photography by Besim Mazhiqi
    Besim Mazhiqi is a talented self taught photographer and journalist based in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He shoots a lot of urban, portrait and lifestyle photography.
  • The Book of Mormon: The smug laughter of people who don't recognize their own irrational beliefs
    I saw the musical The Book of Mormon yesterday. I was disappointed. I knew it would be anti-Mormon and filled with prepubescent potty and sexual humor, so that wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was that it wasn't clever, that it didn't attack genuine societal ills at home or in Africa, that it was too gay camp, and that the actors all […]
  • The Bookworm Beat 5-23-15 - the illustrated edition and open thread
    I haven't been keeping track, but it's entirely possible that this is the biggest and best illustrated edition I've ever published. Many thanks to Caped Crusader, Earl Aagaard, Wolf Howling, and EFK (you know who you are) for their stellar contributions to his post: (View images)
  • Queering the Ring
    Businesses have been harassed and attacked for not wanting to support Gay Weddings. Florists, bakers, and photographers are being told they must supply services not only for events they have a moral problem with, but expression of pure belief. So, if a business provides services, such as selling a custom wedding ring, to a same-sex couple, then that ought to […]