• Run, don't walk, to see American Sniper
    Unusually for me, I saw a first-run movie tonight. It was, as you've already realized, American Sniper. Also unusually, the Century Cinema, which is Marin's premiere movie theater, with a big screen and a George Lucas-installed sound system, had an almost completely packed house on the second weekend of a January movie. One expects packed houses fo […]
  • Movie Review: "Boyhood" - a celebration of depressive dysfunction in a clever package
    Boyhood, which opened in July 2014 and is currently slated as one of the top contenders for Best Picture, has earned that rarest of rare accolades: a 100% score on Metacritic. Critics just love the movie. The most obvious thing they love about the movie is the movie's gimmick, which is actually quite clever. The movie was filmed over the course of 12 ye […]
  • The Bookworm Beat 1/24/15 - the illustrated edition and Open Thread
    Saturdays are difficult days for blogging, since my family envelopes me. Thankfully, Caped Crusader is a stalwart friend who continues to send me the most amazing posters: (View images.)
  • [VIDEO] The inevitable trajectory of unchecked political correctness and loony Leftism
    A simply brilliant little video, written by and starring a young Australian comic named Neel Kolhatkar. In it, he and his fellow actors/comedians look at the inevitable path political correctness and loony Leftism must follow: (View video.)
  • Have any of you ever gone to Battlefield Vegas?
    We're contemplating a trip to Las Vegas. Since we neither drink nor gamble (and the kids can't join in those activities in any event) we're looking for other fun things to do while we're there. One of the top-rated activities is Battlefield Vegas. As best as I can tell, you pay a fixed fee for shooting instruction, and then have the oppor […]
  • When Reality Becomes Indistinguishable From Parody
    People identifying as chairs or even tampons? Surely this must be a parody of special little snowflakes! But then, who can tell now-a-days…